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4 Easy Do-Follow Link Building Opportunities

Long term you need to do just two things (neither of which are particularly simple) in terms of link building. Continuously add link worthy content to your site, ensure the linkerati are aware of it (whether via social media or good old fashioned email.)

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But sometimes when you are starting the link building process you’ll want to quickly and easily get a few good quality links pointing at a site to kick start the process, that’s where these easy do follow link building tips come in handy.

They’ll never supersede a concerted link building effort and aren’t as simple as a drive by link drop but they do get a pretty good bang for your buck in the first couple of hours of link building.

LinkedIn Answers – unlike the more popular Yahoo Answers site, LinkedIn’s Q&A section at the moment seems to be following their links when supplied in the answers. Here you’ve got to spend some time writing a response and finding relvant questions but you can set up a Yahoo Pipe to help you with that.

Don’t be sleazy and set up a false user name, use your own account and write useful responses and where relevant include a link to more information on your or your clients site.

Twitter – My good friend Nick Wilsdon pointed out a great way of getting some do follow links from your twitter profile over at his blog Again if you set up a profile just to drop the links they’ll have no value but if you’re an active user they could send a few targeted clicks and some small search engine benefit.

Book Marking Sites - there are quite a few social book marking sites where the links are followed if you manage to scrape your way onto the home page. If I had a quid for every time I’d read write some good content and submit it to digg. It’s never that simple but starting on a few smaller sites where less votes are required can make the success of front page a bit more achievable.

It won’t send you the deluge of traffic of a FP you would get from one of the big sites, but it might give you a quick link equity boost.

Academic Blogs – I’m not going to reveal my favourite culprits in this category but let it be said there are quite a few blogs out there set up on trusted academic domains where it’s possible to leave a relevant if a little self serving comment. Also worth looking out for are forums on government domains, most will be no-followed but not all.

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