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Google AdWords

A business can only meet success when its products or services on sale meet their necessary marketing or advertisement. Now, when someone talks about advertising their product/service online, nothing can be more appropriate than AdWords.

AdWords was launched by Google in the year 2000 and by 2007 it was their main source of revenue. Initially an advertiser had to pay a monthly amount for advertising their product/service, but later in order to make room for small businesses and advertisers who wanted to manage their own promotion; Google launched the AdWords self-service portal. Google’s AdWords aim has been to provide the most efficient advertising to businesses irrespective of their size.

Over the years AdWords offering to its advertisers has changed for the better. Google has come up with formats like Pay-Per-Click and Site Targeted Advertisement.
Under Pay-Per-Click an advertiser pays on account of the clicks received. The advertisers has the option to bid from a range of 1 cent USD to 100US$ per click. By 2003 Google AdWords brought in the concept of Site Targeted Advertisements.

With Site Targeted Advertisements an advertiser can enter keywords by making use of AdWords control panel to draw attention of users and Google in turn puts the ads on relevant sites. The best thing about Site targeted advertisements is that the advertisers can bid on a Cost Per impression basis placement of their ads.

Leaving apart Pay-Per-Click and Site Targeted Advertisements, AdWords offer advertising facilities like:

  • Ad scheduling: This is like creating a time table for running one’s ads on web according to his wish.
  • One or numerous advertisements can be targeted with one or more keywords.
  • AdWords also generate a 24/7 performance report of your advertisement to your online account.

By 2005, a campaign management service called Jumpstart was launched by Google to help advertisers in setting their own campaigns. Jumpstart was followed by Google Advertising Professional Program or GAP. The whole purpose behind GAP was to train people on AdWords and award them with a certificate on having passed the examination. This was a significant move by Google to help advertisers’ who had problem dealing with the complexities of AdWords and the amount of money being put at stake. Such advertisers now have an option to hire professionals to manage their campaigns.

AdWords Account Management is another impeccable offering from Google.  Its aim is to assist its clients who find it difficult to deal with the complications of building and running AdWords accounts search engine marketing. Trained consultants are there to help individuals on account management. The biggest advantage of AdWords Account management is that any organization without proper knowledge on advertising can reach out to a global online audience.

Such facilities from AdWords have eventually made an issue as grave as proper marketing or advertising on the web a Cake Walk for almost everyone.

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