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A Few Key Rules of Excellent Web Design

Whether the incentive behind building one’s website is business related or personal, it is important that one’s website must look professional in its design. Along with a beautiful and professional design a website must be very interactive and structural. When designing a website one wants to keep the user in mind. One wants their content to be easily viewable and easily accessible. In short one’s website should be user friendly. In order to make the website user friendly some key principles must be used. These principles include fast loading time, browser compatibility, organization, and the design should be related to the content to a certain extent.

To create a fast loading time it is a very good idea to create a clean and basic HTML page while flash is nice it takes a long time to load and can get very messy at times. A another great idea is to not use too many high resolution graphics try to keep the page clean and simple. Overuse of graphics and effects will cause the website to load much slower than it needs to. A fast loading time goes hand in hand with organization. If one organizes the website nicely then one will be able to create a clean and simple layout that loads quickly. The organization of one’s website determines how long a visitor or user will stay on the website. The user is more likely to read the content on the website if it is well organized. The clean layout design is a a design that actively uses the white space to enhance a website’s appeal. Try focusing on the content of the site, and use fonts that are available on most or all computers. By concentrating on the content of the website it makes things a lot easier for the visitors or users which in turn creates traffic for the website and this causes the website to gain popularity. The golden key to a good web design is one that is professional, content based, and easily accessible.

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