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Are Personalized Results The Future of Search and Social Media?

It is no secret that nearly 70% of all estimated searches are conducted using Google, but what happens when everything changes and new systems are introduced that impact and alter the way we search?

With changes to organic search engine algorithms being rolled-out in record numbers, the way we surf and browse the web being influenced by universal search, or social media like features in Google reader, to state that refinement and quality have reached a new pinnacle for search relevance and how acquired information is utilized “to produce the most relevant results for users”, is only scratching the surface.

What does this mean for SEO and the typical online experience as we know it? That now, more than ever, combined with the massive opt-in presence that Google has amassed, quality and user engagement are the underlying metrics used to dissect and track user behavior and make real time-adjustments to each individual based on personal preference.

This also means that the advent of alternative types of media are making their way to the fore-front of search. Things like video and video optimization ranks alongside grandfathered results, pod-casts, news feeds and RSS syndication are just one click away, as well as traditional site to site link surfing based on hub sites are all fusing into a seamless online model.

To some, this may raise a flag and seem a bit too surreal that a network of data centers with an artificial intelligence like persona has the capacity to store preferences and change the flavor of search results to suit your needs. To others, this is opportunity for new and exciting industries to emerge (just as SEO made its debut not long ago).

As new and improved metrics are integrated under this premise, the way things were are slowly receding into a memory amidst the new dawn of a new era in search interaction. With change, one thing is certain, the gestation period for adaptation.

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