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Don’t Forget to Link Out

Search engine optimization is more than just a series of techniques. It is a concept of continuity, which is why linking out (to other sites) matters equally if not more than who links to your website.

For the sake of relevance and to create the right continuity, you’ll need to create the appropriate signals to search engines that convey (a) your site is an authority and (b) that is it a resource to expedite trust (which equates to pure search engine dominion).

The Premise of Outbound Links

For example, if I wanted to rank for the word SEO, then by me linking to a site that already ranks highly for the term augments the continuity of the content on my site. Although they may not link back (unless you appeal to them in some way shape of form) the transaction still has a favorable impact on your link profile.

Transparency and Hub Status

By linking out to quality sources, this establishes your site as a resource known as a hub site, meaning just in case you didn’t find what you were looking for here, we have included some great links you can follow to complete your search on the topic. By doing this properly, this tactful and selfless action can spring-board your pages past your competition and virtually leave them in your shadow as far as rankings are concerned.

This strategy involves achieving a state of balance through observance of the quality and quantity of links in to links out (per page and for the entire domain) creates a distinct profile that eventually is used to identify the caliber of your content. Obviously, this is yet another layer of the process of SEO, but a very important one for consideration when your aim is to create a series of strong pages about a topic to garner a high ranking position.

Using the Link From Domain Search Command to See Your Outbound Link Profile

Rand Fishkin from SEO Moz (note the tactful outbound link) discussed a great search command in the “Give it Up Session” from SMX Advanced, that works using MSN Live search that provides a snapshot of who your site links to by using a simple search command, linkfromdomain. In order to use the “link from domain command” just open MSN Live Search and type and hit return to see the outbound link profile of the site in question. Obviously, you will need to replace the generic with the site you are inquiring about.

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