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Goofy Web 2.0 sites that don’t really make sense

It’s not all wine and roses around here at Web 2.0 Watcher. Some of the sites I come across are just plain goofy. Maybe it’s just me – I’m not getting the point, or I don’t see the potential. Maybe the idea is sound but the implementation needs work. Maybe these sites are just not meant to exist.
I get the idea of mash-ups, and that there is likely an end-user for every mash-up idea (hey, people need to find bus routes on Google Maps, right?). I wrote about not long ago, and that it’s definitely a felt need (ahem). (By the way, judging from some e-mails, no one seemed to think the site – which takes itself seriously I think — or my comments were very funny, so keep those cards and letters coming.) seems like a site that helps you find a
parking spot, right? Well, it’s actually for finding a parking spot
you can rent – as in, it’s for people to post their rentals. I’m not
sure how many people want to rent a parking spot instead of using a parking garage, using a corporate lot, or just finding a, well, parking spot somewhere, but maybe it is a hugely massive number.

Yo! Yodio! I don’t really get it. I’m sorry – the site has a pretty
good design, although it’s a little old tech Intel/Microsoft for me. It seems to work okay. The problem is that – people can call in and annotate photos. So, in other words: you use a telephone, to annotate your photos – that’s it. Every time I visited the site, someone said “Hey…” and went on to explain what the site does. There is a Yodio page for a gal who is graduating from college, and I think the dad is explaining why that’s cool. Okay, so the gist of this is that: you can use a telephone to annotate photos. I am just not getting excited
about this.

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