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How Can Joomla Web Design Help a Start Up Company?

Web design companies are using Joomla increasing to develop cutting edge websites for their customers. Joomla is a powerful content management system that is free to use.

Joomla is equally beneficial for a start up company or small business as it is for an established business. A Start up company (start-up venture) often has limited budget whether it is for website design or for any other business needs. Unless the business is an online venture; it is a common practice for start up companies to invest only in a simple informational website to begin with. Such a website may have a visually appealing design but often offers limited functionality.

Although all businesses small or large understand the value of an up market website; limited funds often prevent a start up company from investing in a powerful website to start with. In later stages when the business has grown a business can justify the higher costs involved in developing a full fledged database driven website.

Joomla allows a start up company to meet this challenge as it allows them to utilise a powerful website at a fraction of the cost. A Website designed in Joomla is powerful and rich with features found mostly on websites of established businesses. Joomla enables a start up company to have a strong online presence from the start thereby gaining competitive advantage over its competitors.

Joomla reduces the cost of developing a powerful database driven website manifolds.

Internet today plays a vital role in our day to lives. The changes in consumer behaviour pattern have made having an effective online presence a necessity for any business to succeed.

Lack of in-house technical expertise is another reason that prevents a start up company from utilising advanced websites or web based applications. Traditional database driven websites and content management systems can be complicated to use and require technical knowledge or training to use. Lack of funds for training coupled with lack of manpower with technical knowledge may prevent a start up company from using a content management system or a powerful web based software.

Joomla on the other hand is easy to use and does not require technical knowledge to use. Commonly used tasks do not require any training or technical experience. In most cases a Joomla website configured properly at launch will not require any maintenance or administration.

Websites designed in Joomla are interactive. Unlike traditional informational websites designed in Joomla are interactive and facilitate two way interaction between the company and users. Features such as customer registration, Registration for newsletters and enquiry forms come built into Website designed with Joomla.

Joomla is free to use and does not have any on going licence fee. This is appealing for start up companies and smaller businesses as cost of maintaining the website is almost null. This does not compromise the quality of the website in any way and some of the most successful websites are designed in Joomla. Established businesses as well start up and smaller companies across the world have preferred to use Joomla over other content management systems.

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