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Improving Your Chance of Link Bait Inspiration

There’s been hundreds if not thousands of articles written about link bait. I’d hazard a guess that there’s probably even more articles about how to write the bait than there is paid up pieces of link bait for clients.

But with this post I’m going two try and write about something slightly different. With
link bait the content is hugely important. There are some great articles out there about how to write titles, about making your content scan-able even which images to use.

But before you get on flickr looking for creative commons images you need to come up with an idea. That’s the difficult bit, and that’s where I hope to help with some advice on how you can increase your chances of inspiration and when it does come along how you can make more of it.

Have a pad at all times – when you’re on the phone discussing the minutiae of an analytics report on the phone explaining why two almost identical landing pages have completely different bounce rates an idea will come to you that’s foolproof.

Write it down that second on a nearby pad because by the time you’ve hung up the phone the idea will have returned to the ether.

Note ideas even if you don’t have a client
– most of us won’t be lucky enough to be a full time bloggers. The chances are we will be writing link worthy content for specific clients these can cause a few problems. When you are coming up for ideas of bait for a financial services a brilliant concept for a piece for a pet store will come to mind.

Keep those ideas somewhere because in six months time you’ll be trying to come up with an idea for a piece for a pet store and a great financial services piece will come to mind.

Read the Small Stories in the Tabloids – a while ago I used to work on Zoo magazine, the journalists there were great and putting together a great title and a couple of supporting paragraphs. They’d storm digg and stumbleupon if they ever set their mind to it.

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