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When performing SEO its best to first implement the KISS strategy, Keep It Simple S…..

Forget about the old school keyword density equations, being completely W3C compliant, creating X amount of content, pages or acquiring X amount of links.

KISS SEO would include, but not limited to:

  • Unique TITLE tag for each page that includes your page’s targeted keyword(s) plus the benefit followed by Company/Site name.
  • Unique META Description tag for each page that should be used to enforce the page’s usefulness and be the marketing pitch to the visitor.
  • A CSS styled H1 tag centered around the page’s main keyword(s) focus – as a side note when I spoke with Matt Cutts at SMX Advanced he said Google doesn’t weigh the H1 tag any heavier than an H2 or H4, but it shouldn’t be used more than once.
  • Content that is both informative, unique, and useful by fulfilling a need of your target audience.
  • URLs in a non-dynamic descriptive format.
  • A flat site structure with breadcrumb links.
  • Absolute internal linking.
  • An html user friendly site map plus the backup parachute of a sitemap.xml file.
  • Robots.txt file blocking any duplicate content (print pages, etc).
  • Using 301 sever side redirects to consolidate similar pages and domain changes, including canocalization such as www vs non-www.

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