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Readin’, Writin’ and Web 2.0

The enhanced degree of communication that Web 2.0 utilities enable is changing the corporate world, for good or for ill, as enterprises decide whether to reject or embrace concepts like wikis, blogs, social networks and video-sharing. The trend has touched the academic world in similar ways. Web 2.0 utilities have raised concerns about security in nearly all IT fields, and educational institutions are no exception. “The biggest worries schools have are hackers getting into the Web site,” Steve Yin of Web security appliance firm St. Bernard told TechNewsWorld.

For example, consider the experience of Ken Pappas, vice president of marketing and security strategist for Top Layer Networks. He observed this hacking mentality firsthand when he recently took his son to college to start his freshman year. When they entered the dorm room, his son’s new roommate was working on a computer.

“Obviously being interested in computers, I asked the student what he was working on. The kid replied that he was hacking into the finance office computer so he could mark his tuition account as paid,” Pappas told TechNewsworld.

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