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SEO, is it Method, Art or Science?

Aside from SEO being a collection of mere tactics and techniques, practicing search engine optimization is just as much of an art as it is a science.
Finding the appropriate responses to inquiries that pose to create obstruction from a relevant high ranking position is second nature to the intuitive SEO. Mutually, since multiple systems are layered and built on top of other algorithmic systems, tracing the rounds of cause and effect through tracking a chain reaction is also another method employed by heuristic conclusion.

Analysis, Discovery Time and Heuristic Conclusion

Regardless of how you arrive at a conclusion, conclusions serves one specific purpose, which is to create a plan of action. Based on the range of the action(s) a measurable result is produced that contributes to the overall process.

SEO involves a constant state of refinement in order to stay ahead of the curve. You never know when the bottom will fall out from outdated methodologies and one of your most prized keywords loses relevance due to a shift in the algorithm.

Keeping a Constant Watch / SEO Defense

Not only does SEO require a constant vigil, to ensure a competitive advantage, SEO defense. The thrill of using a series of tactics to unlock each page of your websites’ potential through finding the highlight of each page strengths is crucial.

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