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The 7 Top SEO Tactics You’ll Ever Learn.

As a current owner of a website, I have discovered its not as easy as people make it seem. Its a common misconception to think that creating a site is easy. You need to make sure that your layout is easy to understand and friendly to the user. The interface colors and placement of items is highly important. The more important the information the farther to the top of the page it should be, the less important information should be placed lower on the sites pages. Some of these tips are no-brainers, others may be new to you. Either way, you should always keep them on your mind when developing a website.

Site Navigation:Navigation should be simple. The less Javascript and Flash, the better. Although Google is beginning to learn how to crawl flash, it’s still not as good as text. Link all your pages together. Most of the pages should be accessible from your homepage. Do not use frames under any circumstance. All frames are bad. Avoid linking with images if possible.

Meta tags: Use <Description> and <Keywords> Metatags. Metatags do not have as much effect today with Google, but other search engines still rely on them heavily and they always help your ranking. Remember that what you use for a description will often be used as the search results description so write it well. The <Keywords> Metatag allows for you to input as many keywords as you want, however, 20 is a good number to aim for. Do not use keywords that are not found on your page.

Inbound links: Although inbound links remain largely out of your control, they are a great asset to you website. Links from similar websites are some of the most valuable as well as high PR links and e.du and .gov links. Do your best to avoid links from link farms and avoid linking to such websites. If you have any control over it, have different anchor text for your inbound links.

Unique content: Content is king. Content is the most important part of your website. If you have good content, visitors will return often to see what is new. They will spread the word about your site. Search engines can recognize unique content and they highly favor sites with original information.

Domain Expiration Date: Extending your domain’s expiration date can be a great thing for your website. It’s one way of telling search engines that you plan to stick around and aren’t a fly by night site. Expiration date does not have a huge effect on SEO but between 2 similar sites, the one with the later expiration will show up first in results.

Keyword Density: Too many keywords in your text and search engines view it as spamming. It also takes away from your content if you are specifically trying to stuff it with keywords. No one wants to read an article that uses “X Brand Hot dogs” in every sentence. Then again, if you have to few keywords in your text, it is difficult for search engines to decipher what it is about and which keywords to index it as. As a general rule, try to stay between 3%-6% keyword density.

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