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The cloud is not the answer to every question

Recently, in my normal job as a journalist, I’ve been finding that every new story pitch, interview request, product inquiry or – well, pretty much every e-mail I’ve sent has led to the response that: the cloud can solve that problem. Need better security on your laptop? Use the cloud. Need better scalability in your data center? Use the cloud. Have an itch that just won’t subsist? Use the cloud.

The problem is that the cloud doesn’t actually solve every problem today. It may actually only solve a small percentage of problems. If I am doing my accounting on my laptop using Microsoft Excel because that’s what my boss told me to use, then the cloud doesn’t help. If I am a data center manager and my company just installed a new storage array that has to meet the needs of a growing marketing department, then the cloud is not going to help me. It may help eventually, I know.

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