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The optician that guarantees visibility!!!

It is never good to just exist. Getting known is part of the desire of every human mind. When it comes to the Internet, you have to be known in order to even exist! Search Engine Optimization is a process by which you are able to improve the number of visits to your site and rank among the top few pages of any search engine. To put it simply, getting visible gets easier and your business increases manifolds.

There are many factors you need to take into account while implementing this process. The content is most important. There is a common term used in computer languages known as GIGO and stands for Garbage In Garbage Out. It is the content of your site that shall attract visitors and help retain them. The presentation matters a lot along with the coding and structure. It is also advised to have knowledge about the algorithm of the search engine in order to enhance the number of hits. As an example, for their algorithmic search results, the leading search engines namely Google, Yahoo! and Microsoft use crawlers to find pages. Generally a program or automated script browsing the Internet in an automated manner is known as a crawler.

Now there are many techniques to achieve this. Broadly classifying, there are some techniques that get the recommendation of search engines on the basis of design and there are others that do not get that nod of approval. They get termed as a White Hat or a Black Hat on account of the techniques you use. Sounds confusing? Well, if you are using cloaking or deceptive methods to get indexed on the list of search engines, you are using Black Hat techniques and run the chance of getting blacklisted or even removed from Search Engines. Deception techniques may range from “spamdexing” to making keywords invisible or merging them with the background. However, if you create content for users and tricking the Search Engine algorithms is not part of your “hidden” agenda, then be rest assured, you are safe and you are using White Hat techniques. Good news is that the White Hats generate results, which last for quite a long period. This should make it obvious for you about what you should choose.

Maybe the title should have been “The magician that guarantees visibility”. Judge for yourself!


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  1. Nice work Akshay – keep it coming! You should also publish on winning strategies too!


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