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Top 10 Search Engine Marketing Strategies Techniques a Web Design Company Should Use

A Web design company can utilize some basic Search engine marketing techniques to ensure websites designed by them are found easily on search engines. Some may ague that a web design company’s role primarily involves designing a website and a search engine specialist deals with the marketing side of things.

Although Website design and search engine marketing are completely independent fields, there are some simple yet crucial steps a web designer or a web design company should use during the design phase of a website.
A web design company can certainly improve a website’s marketability by making use of some simple techniques while designing a website. Some of the techniques are listed below:

1. Ensure a healthy balance between Graphics and Text: Although visual appeal is important, a web design company should strike a healthy balance between text and graphics. Images should be used where required but a majority of the website should be text based. A website with sufficient text (at least 200 words per page) is recommended for better indexing by search engines.

2. Include important Keywords in Page Title. The page title is one of the most important parts of the page with regards to search engine optimisation. A web designer should use a keyword rich title for each page of a website.

3. Include Keywords in Description and Keyword META Tags. In addition to page title, other hidden Meta tags such as description and keywords play a crucial role in a page being found on search engines. A web designer or Web design company should use the main keywords and key-phrases in these tags.

4. Emphasise you Your Keywords as Headings or Bold Tags . Search engines add more weight to words that appear as either bold or headings on web pages. It is hence important for a web designer to ensure the important keywords appear in as headings or bold text in the content of the web pages.

5. Include main Keywords more than once in the main body text. Also ensure that the most important keywords are present in the first paragraph as search engine place more value to the first few words on a web page.

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