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Top 6 ways to increase traffic to your website

With the recent increase in internet usage and more recently in internet access via mobile devices, online marketing is becoming increasingly important to the success of any business today no matter how small or large.

Online marketing has evolved in recent years. The rise in the popularity of social networking phenomena and the resulting rise of social media websites such as My Space and Facebook provide website owners with new ways to market and promote a business online. Online marketing today is not only restricted to major search engines like Google and Yahoo. Today an effective online marketing strategy is aimed at increasing a websites profile not only on search engines but on a number of online channels that were previously non existent.

Today an online marketing strategy focuses on Search engines, Blogs, Forums, Social Networking websites as well as PR and Article websites.

The following are some of the ways to market your business online and generate traffic to your website.

1) Organic search engine optimisation

Organic search engine optimisation is focused achieving high rank in the non-paid section of search engines such as Google and Yahoo.
This is the most important method that can drive a lot of free traffic to a website and probably the most difficult and time consuming. If you are able to achieve a first page ranking for your website on major search engine such as Google, you may never need to use any other form of paid advertising ever.

2) Pay per click Advertising

Pay per click advertising presents a quick and efficient method to promote your products and services on search engines and increase traffic to your website. Pay per click refers to the paid ads that usually appear on the right or top of search engine results. With Google’s Adwords for example you can have your website appear on the first page within an hour of starting the campaign. As compared with Organic search engine results; pay per click can be expensive as cost is calculated each time a user visits your website. However pay per click is quick to achieve and expenditure can be controlled easily by specifying the maximum monthly or daily budget.

3) Creating your business’ profile on Social websites such as My Space, Face book or You Tube

Many people may consider these websites as purely a way for people to communicate informally and share personal information. However due to the sheer volumes of people who visit these sites make marketing on them a highly effective way to enforce your brand and drive massive traffic to your website. You can create your websites profile on these sites free of cost and make your website visible to millions of people.

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