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Ultimate Twitter and TweetBurner Resource

Over the past few months, many people have commented on my Twitter promotional strategy. Most of the comments have been positive so I am taking the time today to write my Ultimate Twitter Resource guide. It will talk about all things Twitter, from what it is, to the many ways to use it, and other great Twitter related sites. I will forewarn you, this will get a little long but I hope you find it is worth the read. If you are more interested in strictly promotional aspect, you can bypass the first half or click on the links to my previous Twitter columns, most of the information on promotion is in those posts. At the end I have included a comprehensive list of links for you to peruse.

(Here are the links to my previous Twitter columns: Using Twitter to Increase Readers and Make FriendsDon’t Take Promotional Personal with Twitter, and The Twitter Effect)

My series of Twitter entries created quite a bit of buzz, as over 75 comments will attest to. I hope I have consolidate all needed information into one well thought out entry. If you have anything to add, please join the discussion.

I also encourage everyone to post links to their Twitter account in the comments section.


I was first introduced to Twitter in April of 2008. Yes, I know, not that long ago. However, as soon as I saw the promotional ability of the tool I started using it daily and religiously. I quickly was able to build over 4000 followers and almost quintupled my blog traffic, all in 2 months of work. In addition to the promotional aspect, I have met a nice amount of really fun and intelligent people, and enjoy reading messages from everyone that I follow.

What is Twitter?

Twitter was started in 2006 as a ‘micro-blogging’ platform. Micro-blogging is a style of social networking that lets you send updates of 140 characters to those who are following your time line.  Social networking heavy-weights such as MySpace and Facebook refer to these as ‘Status Updates’. Over the last two years, Twitter has gone from relative obscurity to national prominence thanks to blogging, and many new related website (for example, the Chicago Sun Time columnists all have Twitter to let readers follow their daily activities.) Although there are a hundreds of micro-blogging websites, Twitter is far and away the most popular.

Another popular reason people Twitter is its ability to be updated quickly from a mobile phone. Once you set up your account, you can easily text message updates to display on your Twitter feed.

The following is a quick explanation of frequently used terms in Twitter.

A Tweet is a status update made to your time line.

Twitter Resource Links:

Over the past few months I have relied heavily on the intelligence and hard work of other individuals. Here is a link of Twitter related post from some reputable blogs.

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