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Web 2.0 definition for non-techies

A few readers mentioned how most definitions for Web 2.0 are overly technical and hard to grasp. I happen to agree. As with any complex topic, it’s easier to use complex descriptions: list out everything that it is, rather than actually define it.

In my view, the most basic definition for Web 2.0 is a site that does something unique, practical, and powerful while creating a social connection. Web 1.0 sites are more static, rely too heavily on HTML, lack strong social connection features, and are often poorly designed. I think design plays a crucial roll in what makes a site qualify for the Web 2.0 distinction: sites that emphasize usability and simplicity over a cacophony of features and a sprawling array of text and graphics. You can go to a Web 2.0 site and find out within just a few minutes what the site does and how to use it. A Web 1.0 site throws everything at you at once, splat.

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