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Website Analysis: SEO Starts with a Thorough Analysis

SEO starts with a thorough analysis of the website to conclude which aspects of your site need optimization. Why let coding errors or poor site architecture impact rankings for the worse? With search engine algorithms changing daily, there are no guarantees that the immunity you have today (from a favorable pat on the back) will pass value tomorrow.

A typical website analysis SEO sweep would look for things like:

Link Optimization - Links leaving each page (even if pointed at other pages in the site) should all have something link worthy to communicate. A link that says “click here” is a candidate for a makeover to something more consistent with the topical theme of the site, such as click here for more information about “main keyword and qualifier” as the link instead. 50% of your link profile is up the the webmaster, make good use of internal links.

Site Architecture - does your site employ a flat or robust site architecture? If you have everything in one folder (the root folder) and are just using random or diffused titles on each page, then you could optimize your information architecture to be more conducive to a search engine friendly website. Without making the topic complex, I often use Wikipedia as an example of solid website architecture.

The use as the optimized naming convention then, the title is the main keyword and on that page are inbound links pertaining to all manor of semantic variations of the keyword, singular, plural, analogous keywords and more importantly multiple paragraphs about the keyword.

Combine this with a few million other pages and a few million other links and now you know why Wikipedia ranks so well in search engines. The take away is clear, create consistent titles and content and link to yourself (meaning the target page) with other related pages using the main keywords on the target page.

Aside from constant refinement, the need to create performance benchmarks, asset the competition and their methods as well as prune words, links and make adjustments to code (unless your rankings are stable or improving) is just another day at the office for an SEO.

Content development – Content development is crucial (fresh relevant content is king), but you have to make sure you are not diffusing your main keyword with lots of filler as well. By publishing content frequently you are flagging the attention of search engine spiders who will visit more frequently to index your new pages.

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