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Why a social Digg is a waste of time

I joined Digg about three years ago. Before that, I used it only for it’s intended purpose: a way to find good Web links. I figured someone was generating those links, but I didn’t want to know who they were.

Once, I interviewed the founder of Digg on the roof of their building. My buddy took the pictures, and they turned out okay. They had really amazing black tea there, too. Wow. I knew the site was special back then, and it still is.

I have to say, Digg’s growth has been phenomenal and hats off to the guys and gals who built the interface. I love how you can click the Digg link and it magically says Dugg. It’s cool how, when you add a friend, they just get added without a lot of fanfare. Pre-friend to new friend! Some of the links are really amazing, too.

But, in the silicon jungle, where the definition of friend has now eroded into obsolescence, I just can’t bring myself to invite people from my Gmail contacts list again. I have gone through the steps six times now, but my hand has frozen as it hovered over the small Friend link with the plus sign next to people that I can’t say I know personally, have ever met, or would even like if I did meet them.

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