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Wix: Web Design Without Training

Although many of us who read this blog are experienced web developers, others are just looking for a little assistance in creating their own website. There are many free site builders offered but none with the capacity and control of Wix.

Wix is a web-based application that allows average users to create flash-based websites and content. It is a completely free service and is not template based meaning you can create an unconstained design. With google learning to crawl flash content, there’s few reasons not to start building more websites in flash and Wix offers complete control over photos, video, images, text, animation etc, without difficult and confusing configuration files.

Wix doesn’t compare with a premium website but a competent web designer but it is the best thing on the web for users with no experience and at free, you can’t beat the price. Everything is easy to use and doesn’t require training.

Wix offers an intuitive interface and native support for multiple flash photo gallerys, video players, text animations and other flash widgets. Wix enhances artistic self-expression by allowing anyone to publish media rich content on the itself is created by the Wix platform so give it a look today.

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