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World Wide Web Consortium

World Wide Web consortium is an international standard consortium which works toward web development standards with specific developing protocols and guidelines drafted under its web enhancement goal called ‘Web Interoperability’.

Tim Berners-Lee – the director of  World Wide Web or W3 Consortium, along with other experts in the web  field, created this dedicated platform to generate a consensus around inter-compatibility of all the web technologies availed by people and industries across the globe today. It is an exclusive organization framed with a mission standardized by various web languages and web protocols. Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of World Wide Web, has been serving this organization as director since 1994.

It is an organization which is basically run in the form of a consortium. It constitutes member organizations, full staff and various certified independent bodies who work for a long term growth of web.

W3 Consortium Mission:

W3 Consortium’s mission, as stated on its web site is – To lead the World Wide Web to its full potential by developing protocols and guidelines that ensure long-term growth for the Web. Its mission is primarily executed through predefined guidelines and standards. There are 110 such standards which govern the smooth functioning of W3 Consortium. These standards are generally represented in the form of published guidelines which are often referred as ‘W3 Recommendation’. Each recommendation published by the W3 Consortium undergoes proper value edits to make any web page informative and valuable in its context.

Who can become a W3C Member?

W3C is not meant for an individual. It is an organization which has several other independent organizations as its members. They have either a great reputation in the web business or they are well organized to keep the web platform always updated. Small as well as big organizations can find their place in this esteemed consortium, but, they have to pay an annual fee depending on the revenue their companies generate annually. Fees set for membership also depend on which particular area of the world the member company is located. For example, European and American organizations have to pay slightly higher fee than the African and Asian organizations. Also, the fee structure, to some extent, is based on the type of organization, whether profit or non-profit.

W3C standards are of extreme importance in the web world. Any web designer, who organizes stuffs for a web site, will have to surely keep in mind the guidelines put across by W3C.  The given standards not only help in getting a desired reputation but they also protect any web fragmentation which, at anytime is bound to happen, to any organization.


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