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Okay, so what the heck is Web 3.0?

The lurching, heaving behemoth of the Web will become a self-feeding entity someday, symmetrical and aligned with itself, ubiquitous and pervasive, not constrained by the browser or even a PC. That’s the vision for the world wide Web after Web 2.0 – a concept where apps are islands, users interact only through portals that let them interact, programming languages don’t understand each other, and we’re limited by what the OS, the network, the browser, and the computer will permit.

I see Web 3.0 as a break from the computer altogether, something that exists outside of a keyboard and a mouse. As crazy as it sounds, there’s a small wireless clock radio called Chumby that you might call a good example of Web 3.0. It’s essentially a streaming media device that can play YouTube videos and show RSS feeds.

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