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Redesigning Your Company?s Website: Top 10 Tips

A company’s web design is in constant need for improvements and enhancements. A web design company should understand the different issues that make a website effective. The importance of an effective web design for a company has increased manifold in recent years. Today a company’s website goes much beyond offering information. Web design plays a more crucial role in a company’s success today than it has done ever before.

The process of redesigning a website is quite different to designing a website for the first time. Following are some of the key issue that should be considered when redesigning a website.

Hire the right web design company

There are many web design companies that specialise in website redesign. Hiring the right web design company to redesign your website will play an important role in deciding the success of the new website. It is advised to hire a web design company that understands your needs and the market. It is better to hire a professional web design company for the task rather than the web design company with the cheapest quote. The overall quality of the service and design far outweigh the slightly higher costs involved.

Evaluate your company’s existing website

The first crucial step is to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your current website. The web design company you commission to redesign your website can assist with identifying the major weaknesses of your current website so that they can be addressed in the new design.

Focus on Search engines Marketing

There is little doubt that search engine marketing will play a crucial role in the success of any website. Search engine marketing and optimisation should be at the heart of the redesign process. Web Design Company should ensure the new design is search engine friendly. Using keyword research techniques your web design company should be able to help you identify the top keywords for your website and ensure the new design is optimised for the keywords.

Identify your visitors

Being able to study and analyse visitors to your website offers a distinct advantage when redesigning a website as opposed to designing for the first time. Using sophisticated website statistics and reporting tools such as Google analytics, you can easily identify where your users come from and what they do on the website. This can help identify the strengths and weaknesses of the website and provide a useful insight on what areas or pages need improvements. The new design should address these issues effectively and help retain users on your website.

Identify your target audience

Identifying the target audience for your website is essential to ensure their needs are addressed. You should identify and categorise your target audience into groups. Both, the new design as well as the content should address the needs and expectations of the target groups individually. Websites that are designed specifically with the needs of the target audience are more effective and tend to have higher rates of retention and conversion.

Research your competitors

There is a lot that can be learnt from your leading competitors. Analysing the competition will not only provide valuable information on website’s design but also on technology and usability concepts being applied. With the help of search engines such as Google it is easy to identify the top competitors in your industry.

A modern design

The look and feel or visual appearance of your website is a key consideration. There is nothing worse for your company’s brand than an outdated design. No matter what your company does it is essential for your website to look modern and professional. The current trend is for clean-cut and minimalist designs.

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