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Website Optimization Tips for Link Building and SEO

Since link building is one of the most important aspects of SEO, let’s take a minute to revisit some very important link building and website optimization tactics.

Trust, timing and authority are three metrics that impact the target site for building links. Sites that rank at the helm of search engines (above the fold on the first page) do so because of fundamental characteristics shared across multiple industries, websites and topics.

Sites ranking in the top 10 are there because they (1) either started before others realized the potential for those keywords and have an advantage of time to market / indexing saturation (2) because they understand link popularity and have built a plethora of links from a variety of sites or (3) because they understand the value of a good domain, site architecture and on page optimization.

Not to say that this is the only way, but we are only focusing on three metrics for the sake of argument. I have mentioned before that chronology begets authority, in layman’s terms, if you started years ago optimizing, refining and grooming your site for higher search engine visibility, you understand the layers involved in producing high ranking search engine result pages.

The typical process is, you make a change to a page, you wait for the page to get indexed (typically you may build some links to expedite the process). Then when the page is indexed, you measure the result of your on page adjustments (tweaks to content, titles, tags, and code), you monitor the impact of the inbound links then evaluate how to bump it up another notch.

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