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My previous article involved the discussion of certain basic aspects that need to be kept in mind while you are optimizing your website to be ranked higher in the Google search pages. I discussed about title tags, description meta tags and proper framing of the URLs. So, in this post, I will continue from where I had left off and will discuss few more points in this regard.

Content should be proper and of high quality: Websites having good quality content in it will definitely attract more users. Among all the points I discussed till now, I think, this is THE most important factor that helps in optimizing websites. Users can very well differentiate between good, mediocre and bad content. In order to make your content better, make sure its free from any grammatical, spelling or some other errors. Try to incorporate words or phrases in the content, which you think, users will mostly use as keywords while searching for a particular topic.

Anchor text should be given equal importance: Those who do not have an idea about what exactly anchor text is, let me throw some light on this. Anchor text is clickable texts you see as link, in a page. Many of you might take this point as “not so important” one. However, if anyone asks me, I will surely say that it holds equal importance, as the anchor texts help users and Google to know about the page it is directing to. You can have an internal link on your page, which is directed to some other page of your own site, or you might have an external link as well, which is directed to a page of some other website. Whatever may be the case, your anchor text should be such, that the users, as well as Google, can easily follow it, in order to have an idea about the page it is linking to. It is always good to use a bit descriptive, creative anchor texts of two-three words, or a phrase, rather than using some common words or text as “click here”.

Use of heading tags properly: What a heading tag typically does is to highlight the  content of a web page. As known by all, heading tags appear to be bigger in size than the normal text and this helps the users to locate the important components of a page very easily. However, one should know about the definite ways of using these heading tags. One can use multiple heading tags in a single page, and if they are used in a proper way, it gives the page a hierarchical framing, which in turn, helps the users to go through the contents with ease.  At the same time, use of too many headings unnecessarily not only makes it unprofessional, but at the same time, it makes Google and users confused as to where the content started and where it ended.

However, this is not all. There are few more important aspects, which I think are equally important that requires further discussion. So, do check out my next post.  I am not done yet!


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