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Chrome out of Beta

Google’s chrome is officially out of beta. Well, that’s a surprise. Google, who has been famous to keep it’s products in beta status for long like gmail (still running in beta even after 5 years of it’s launch), has released Chrome out of Beta in just 100 days. With the 15th update of the browser, Google officially announced the release of Chrome version 1.0.

Google in their official blog says that they have fixed the bugs that existed in the beta stage of the browser and has also improved the performance of the plug-ins specially video. Chrome also has better book-marking features and a new bookmark manager. Privacy and security too have been the top priority.  The browser’s unique sand box technology protects against harmful software and safe browsing features give protection against malware attacks. Chrome is an open source and according to Linus Upson, engineering director at Google “We had the luxury of watching what was happening with exploits and attacks with the other browsers while designing Chrome, so I think our security design is serviced very well during the beta period. By open sourcing everything, we hope all of our security features get adopted in other browsers. We don’t think security is something that should be kept.”

Google has now become a household name and though Chrome is more stable and faster than it’s beta version yet it failed to impress many. It still lacks some basic web-browser features like RSS support and form auto fill.

In spite of such capable browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Internet explorer available to us, I feel Google Chrome deserves a try. Moreover, Google is still in the process of developing extension platforms along with Mac and Linux support. Therefore, without taking the discussions further, I sign off for the day with an expectation to see newer a better versions of chrome in near future.


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