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Social Networking-The journey from toys to tools

Social Networking-The journey from toys to tools

“Follow me on Twitter!”

“I’ll add you on Facebook!”

“Hey, we are Orkut friends!”

“I’ll subscribe to your RSS feed right away!”

You will agree, these are some of the most touted phrases that we use when we “network”. However, this is not the way the journey had begun. The transformation from toys to tools was a revolution that brought out a whole new “Social Economy” in “Social Networks”.


DotNet Nuke CMS – Open Source Solutions for Small Business

DotNetNuke is an open source CMS (Content Management System) developed by a ARES and constantly modified, improved and updated by a community of interested supporters and developers.

The DotNetNuke system is particularly focused on small businesses and organizations that operate on a tight budget (for example, many non-profit organizations), giving them many of the features of a large CMS on an open source platform.

DotNetNuke benefits from community sites that host developers. End users can join these communities and benefit from the combined experience of hundred or thousands of other developers who are also using DotNetNuke for the same kinds of projects daily.


Umbraco 4 – Open Source Content Management for ASP.NET

Microsoft’s ASP.NET has been described as not only the next step in ASP (Active Server Pages), but rather the next generation of web development, period. The ASP system now works with a universally understood CLR (Common Language Runtime), executing code so that different languages can interact with one another seamlessly, making Web application development simple and straightforward.

Now, there is a new open source content management system that utilizes the power and simplicity of ASP.NET.


We Need Reviews on our Firefox Add-on

Here is the link to our Add-on (Current Site IP): We need you to add a review to our Add-on so that it will be published. Short description how users can post reviews: Users must register on Mozilla Add-ons. After successful registration you can see extensions which are in sandbox. They are labeled “experimental”. [...]



If your job needs audio editing and you are looking for the right tool that will not only suffice your needs but also suit your pocket, then your search ends right here, right now! Today I will discuss about Audacity, the digital audio editor. Well, if you are still not sure about if it fits your bill then let me tell you that it is free. Yes you have read it right it is free as it is an open source program.

This cross platform digital audio editor is available for Windows, Linux, MAC OS X and BSD. It has a clean interface that keeps the toolbar and work space uncluttered and makes it easy to use. It supports 32 bit floating point audio and has excellent features and built-in effects including noise removal, bass boost. It can import and export all file formats that are supported by libsndfile library like WAV, AIFF, MP3 etc. Though for MP3 files you need to download the LAME encoder. Audio files can be easily edited by its Cut, Copy, Paste functionality. Another interesting feature is that you can perform unlimited “Undo” operations while editing an audio file. Audacity also allows you to change an audio’s pitch without changing it’s speed. Likewise it’s ‘tempo’ functionality allows you to make adjustments to the speed of an audio track while keeping the pitch same and in turn helps you to synchronize the audio with the video. It has multi track mixing features with a large array of digital effects and plug-ins. With audacity you can also convert cassette tapes or records to digital tracks as it has the ability to automatically split one wav track or other supported type tracks into multiple tracks. Its latest release includes features that support direct sound device for Windows.


Small Businesses and the Economic Crisis

The current economic crisis can be a frightening time for any business, but is particularly stressful for small businesses. There is a great deal of uncertainty and many questions – can we attract any new customers? Is anyone going to be able to afford my product? Will our business survive?

Just remember that every other business and individual is also feeling the pinch. They want to find the right items to fill their needs without wasting money or time on irrelevant or non-vital products or services.



At a time when the global economy is going through a recession, using an open source program can be like a “bridge over troubled waters” over licensed software. This effectively will bring down the expenses of you or your company. I won’t say that each every software we use has an equally effective open source program but yes, it is true in case of Adobe Photoshop. The GNU Image Manipulation Program or more popularly known as the GIMP can be the open source alternative to Adobe Photoshop.