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Archive for July 2009

Get Google Voice For Your iPhone – GV Mobile on Cydia

Although Apple has once again bowed to AT&T corporate pressure and banned Google Voice and all related apps from the App Store, you can still harness the power of Google Voice for your iPhone.

Go to Cydia – a kind of “grey” app store for iPhone – and get GV Mobile. It’s free on Cydia, and it optimizes Google Voice for the iPhone. This is where I picked up my version of GV Mobile, and I’m loving Google Voice. It’s a powerful communication tool that takes advantage of the power of a smart phone.


Is It Coming? Windows Mobile 6.5

While tech savvy and hardware confident users have already “flashed” their smart phones with bootleg versions of Windows Mobile 6.5, the official release has been moved back several times.

The most recent news from Microsoft points toward a fall release for the upgraded system that will replace Windows Mobile 6.1.

What’s coming up with the new release?