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Archive for August 2009

Business Updates Through iGoogle

If you use iGoogle as your home page, either on a computer or on a smartphone, you may be interested in some great gadgets that can help you track business finance info easily and quickly. iGoogle is optimized for some of the smartphones, making it work more effectively on some than on others.

If you don’t use iGoogle, you may want to consider it, particularly if this financial information is as crucial to you as it is to many in the business world.


Symbian – Another Great Mobile Platform

As a mobile device platform, Symbian has been around for years. Although it has been through several name changes and ownership revolutions, it remains by far the dominant platform for the smart phone market in the world.

About 46 percent of the mobile phones in the world operate on the Symbian platform, but most of them are in Europe and the Middle East. However, Symbian is making strides to close the gap in the U.S. and Japan.