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Archive for November 2009

Has Apple Become “The Man?”

Apple has built its reputation on innovation, on breaking the mold, on thinking outside the box. But can they keep their outsider ethos when they are the standard instead of the new technology on the block? If recent and continuing developments with the Apple App Store for iPhone and the iPod TYouch are any indication, [...]


Google Wave Invites

I have 5 Google Wave invites. If you want one, add a comment to this post and I will pick 5 people at random to send out the invites. Please make sure you include your email.


Authoritative Articles Sell Your Site

While you want your website to pop with catchy introductions and pithy prose that attracts the eye, when it comes to grabbing the interest of search engine spiders, a few small paragraphs of text on a graphics-rich page is not going to cut it. Some webmasters get a great site, make sure it’s got the [...]