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Tablet Computing

Since the release of the Apple iPad, there’s been renewed attention focused on the tablet computer format – a format that has been around for some time, despite Apple’s attempts to make it seem like an Apple innovation.

What Apple has introduced are some new ways to think about the tablet computer. There have been plenty of responses to the iPad discussing all the failings of the product, and that discussion is, in itself, a benefit to the format.

Pointing out the iPad failings (no Flash compatibility, necessity of a monthly fee for 3G network and on go the complaints) pushing the envelope in the area will make tablet computers increase functionality and features.

Decreasing the weight of tablets, increasing their battery capacities, and increasing speed will give tablets many possible uses. They are currently being used, in fact, for plenty of business functions, not just as readers for the average consumer.

Doctors see entering chart information on tablets as being a viable alternative to the large, rolling kiosks containing a desktop computer that are used in many medical offices.

Many mobile employees can benefit from the small size and simple functionality of the tablet.

However, there will need to be considerable increases in durability, expansion ports, and connectivity to make them a routine addition to many offices and briefcases.

The other benefit of iPad’s entry into the tablet/eReader market


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