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Android takes Over Smart Phone Market

I’ve been touting the benefits of Android for a while now, and now smart phone users around the world have caught that Android fever.

In August, Android shipments beat out iPhone shipments for the first time, which is important for business owners and developers. DigiTimes reports that Android shipments around the world will surpass 55 million.

If that’s true, it means a 561 percent growth over last year’s shipments.

You want to keep posted on smart phone sales so you can not only choose the platform to use for your personal and business phone, but also so you can develop apps for the most popular phone platforms.

You want to focus attention on the phones that are growing the fastest and look to have the longest staying power – complicated apps can take up to 6 months to develop, and as with all technology products, you’ll want to stay ahead of the curve, not behind. Now, iPhone apps are still a huge portion of the market, so you don’t want to ignore the platform, but Anroid is a force that looks to have staying power, at least for the foreseeable future. As Android grows, developers and hardware manufacturers are undoubtedly going to focus more attention and more resources on the platform, making it a solid choice for future projects.

One development you will want to watch for is more countries open to purchasing Android apps. Currently, customers in only 13 out of 46 countries that sell Android phones can actually purchase applications for the phone.

In order to grow the Android market, Google will need to find a way to fix that little problem.


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