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Google Scores “Instant” Home Run

While Bing by Microsoft seemed to some like a huge step forward in the search world, Google’s Instant is a whole new world of search.

Rendering the “enter” key nearly useless, Instant anticipates your query and combines its Google Suggests recommendations that would appear as you typed in past queries with an instant live search for those queries as you type.

Google advertises a 2 – 5 second time savings per search, and “smarter” predictions that allow you to find what you’re actually looking for faster. The results are, according to Google, automatically localized, giving you relevant results each time, without having to type in limiting words or phrases.

Once again, Google has defined the paradigm for search.

Will this be enough to counter the bad publicity over privacy intrusions by a Google Site Reliability Engineer David Barksdale? This latest security breech and the perception of a “hush hush” handling of the problem (Barksdale was “quietly” fired) adds to the perception that Google may be careless with security.

It’s a concern, but not a major one. Google is keeping careful tabs on its business and its business model. They are on top of what is going on in the search engine business in particular and the cloud computing business in general.

Because of Google’s continual innovation and leaps ahead of the technology curve, I predict that Google, Google Instant, Android, Apps, Gmail and all the other innovative Google features will become even more popular in coming months and years.


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