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What Does a Verizon iPhone Mean to You?

The long rumored partnership between Verizon and Apple is reportedly just around the corner. It is supposed to become reality for the consumer in early 2011.

Whatever you think about Apple and its methods, the iPhone is undeniably huge. Still, Apple had to step out from its exclusive AT&T contract because of top flight competition from Android phones.

With the world’s largest networks and distribution system in Verizon, Apple opens itself up to a market that previously wouldn’t look at an iPhone. Completely realistically, iPhone sales could double under a Verizon contract.

This also opens up the possibility of a iPhone that takes advantage of Verizon’s 4G LTE service, coming to 38 cities and 60 airports by the end of the year. With significantly faster download rates, better penetration through buildings and walls, and an extensive initial rollout, the LTE service could have a significant impact on mobile services. I expect a whole new brand of user to embrace smartphone and mobile technology.

What does this mean to the business market? It means that if you haven’t jumped onto the mobile bandwidth, so to speak, you’ll want to look now at making your website and online presence mobile-device friendly.

It won’t take long for other carriers to have their own version of Verizon’s LTE service online. Once the standard has been raised, they can’t afford to fall behind. Meanwhile, although some of the new Verizon iPhone users will transfer from other smartphones, including Android phones, many will be first time smartphone users. We’re going to see another significant upsurge in mobile device users next year, and we’ll keep piling them on after that.

I see a day when mobile is the norm, and we’re getting there quickly. Make sure your business is on board.


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