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Sitecore: Publish Item with Sub-Items quicker!

Here is a quicker way to publish item with subitems.  Usually when I try to access the publish menu dropdown it takes a while depending on what is happening on the dev boxes.  I know this is not much of an improvement but its definitely quicker.  Typically it takes 3 clicks to reach the menu item as shown below.


Here is how you can improve that.

Step 1: Change db to core

Step 2: Navigate to /sitecore/content/Applications/Content Editor/Ribbons/Chunks/Publish

Step 3: Right click and insert from template on the Publish item

Step 4: Select /sitecore/templates/System/Ribbon/Large Button template and name it Publish Item (you can name it as you please)

Step 5: Enter the following values in the corresponding fields as shown in the screenshot for the newly created item.

Header: Publish Item

Icon: Network/16×16/earth_add.png ( you can pick what you like)

Click: item:publish(id=$Target)

Tooltip: Publish the item with subitems

Step 6: Switch back to Master db.

Step 7: Access the newly created item under the publish ribbon.

Step 8: This brings up the same dialog as the publish item menu in the publish dropdown.


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