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Sitecore: Publish Item with Sub-Items quicker!

Here is a quicker way to publish item with subitems.  Usually when I try to access the publish menu dropdown it takes a while depending on what is happening on the dev boxes.  I know this is not much of an improvement but its definitely quicker.  Typically it takes 3 clicks to reach the menu item as [...]


Sitecore – Upload to Media Library Issue/Problem

Recently I had an issue while importing few thousand images and documents into the Sitecore Media Library. I had the following settings in Web.Config: <!–  UPLOAD AS FILES Determines if media should be uploaded as files or as database blobs. Default: false –> <setting name=”Media.UploadAsFiles” value=”false” /> <!–  MEDIA – USE ITEM PATHS FOR URLS [...]


Business Promise Trumps Privacy Concerns for Facebook Places

While some “mature” consumers may question the appeal of Facebook’s Places application – the program that allows a user to “check in” and let friends or others know where they are at any given time – savvy marketers see the application as a great way to reach a highly desirable demographic. Places largely appeals to [...]



No, I am definitely not going to write about the lucky number! I’ll talk about the most anticipated operating system of the year, yet to be released from the stables of Microsoft. Welcome to the new Windows 7.

I already have 7 questions on my mind. What shall be the minimum hardware requirements for this OS? Will the support for drivers be better than the previous releases of Microsoft? Will the new OS beat Vista and rival operating systems on performance issues? What about security? Phew!


Apps for the Apple iPhone with the iPhone SDK

Through thick and thin, patches and updates, Apple has indeed written a new success story for the iPhone. Taking advantage of the iPhone’s success, business organizations are adding their own value added services to its customers, by creating innovative and new iPhone applications. These third party applications have seamlessly integrated with the iPhone OS. In a nutshell, iPhone applications are taking the market by a storm. What is in for you? Well, to answer that, let’s start!

iPhone Dev Center is the place to get started if you are thinking to build your app for the iPhone. Well this news will dishearten you a bit if you have been developing applications on the windows environment. Yes, iPhone elegantly points you out during registration that the iPhone SDK would require an Intel-based Mac running Mac OS X Leopard as a primary technical requirement. So if you have addressed that technical feasibility, I guess the iPhone SDK is all yours for the taking!


Required Sitecore Improvements

Here are a few things Sitecore can improve on: Sitecore Admin needs to load faster Need an easier way to assign renderings to place holders Need an easier way to Assign roles & users to folders and content items Right now it is a pain to get it setup on Windows 2008 with SQL Server [...]


Latent Symantec Indexing

In some of my previous posts, I have discussed about the factors that help in getting a site optimized to the highest rank in the Google search pages. Today we will be discussing about the ranking algorithms that Google uses to find the relevant results for your search query. The latest on the block being [...]