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A Beginner’s Guide to Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

Pay Per Click or PPC is among the most popular of all web-marketing tools. It is nothing but a small two or three line text advertisement which contains keywords and phrases. These small advertisements are usually found on the right side of search pages on leading search engines. Quite often one or two links are also highlighted on search pages. These links are termed ‘sponsored links’ and can be seen in leading search engines such as Google, MSN Live and Yahoo. These sponsored links are nothing but PPC advertisements.

The three entities involved in PPC advertising are the visitor, the host that carries the advertisement and the advertiser, who has advertised a product or service on the host website, usually a leading search engine. In this form of advertising, advertisers have to bid on keywords and phrases. Whenever someone searches a product or service using certain keywords, the search result page will feature those advertisements which contain the keywords using which the visitor actually searched in the first place.


The Trendy Concept of Behavioral Marketing

The term ‘behavioral marketing’ is being increasingly heard across the world these days. The entire concept of behavioral marketing involves noticing consumer’s online behavior and then target them using advertising which is tailor made for their online conduct. It goes needless to say that the whole process is done unobserved by the consumer.

It won’t be [...]


Social Media + Universal Search Combined is Like a Gold Mine!

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Are you struggling to find the appropriate definition of Social Media? You need not, as Social Media is defined as the integration of different activities including the social interaction, technology and also the building up of pictures, words, audio and video.
Different forms are being included in the social media and [...]


7 Reasons To Go for Internet Marketing Than Using Conventional SEO Tools

When we think of new upcoming economy under the Indian Economic Ambiance, we definitely think of either setting up a new business or opt for expanding our current business, in both perspective of the market we need customers, Industries today do not go For Door 2 Door conventionalizing but instead they would rather prefer [...]


10 Coolest Strategies To Increase Blog Reach

Blogging is not only publishing the content and sharing over the media. It should be an strategy to build blog readers, links for your blog and authority of blog and establishing a brand name. In the last post Manish has described 10 newest ways to increase blog traffic. Which are really helpful for any blog [...]