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Tablet Computing

Since the release of the Apple iPad, there’s been renewed attention focused on the tablet computer format – a format that has been around for some time, despite Apple’s attempts to make it seem like an Apple innovation. What Apple has introduced are some new ways to think about the tablet computer. There have been [...]


Websites as Web Services

As we step forward into the next generation of computing, the internet is experiencing a major revolution in its domain. The web is slowly morphing from a Web 2.0 to a whole new Web 3.0. However, web 3.0 has still, a long way to go before it can be implemented for real.

“So what is the big deal?”

Web 2.0 had revolutionized the way in which websites present their content to users. Structured layouts, the use of layers in presenting information, the buzzwords that replaced flashy banners, sleazy elements, pop up(s) and so on. The message was loud and clear: if you wanted to increase your website traffic and do business, your design had to be “user friendly”.

Today, Web2.0 has achieved whatever it had set out to achieve. The user now see terabytes of information, laid out on a palate in a precise, structured and presentable manner. Well today, more or less this is what your perspective of the internet is. However, what does this information convey to its machine counterparts?


Social Network Marketing Benefits

You have recently set up your business organization and deciding on a proper marketing strategy to add brand value to your organization. However, your resources are limited and this is restricting you form any sort of capital investment in this regard. Amidst a highly competitive market, how would you advertise and add proper brand value to your products? The answer in this fast-paced technology aware world is quite simple and intriguing: Social Networks.

For those of you new to this philosophy or rather a concept, a Social Network is a social structure which links individuals and organizations on common grounds of interdependency and areas of interest. These interests may include friendship, kinship, values and visions, or even financial exchange and trade; just to mention a few. There are a plethora of websites that offer you services that allow you to Social Network. However, the question is, How do you utilize this offering?