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What Does a Verizon iPhone Mean to You?

The long rumored partnership between Verizon and Apple is reportedly just around the corner. It is supposed to become reality for the consumer in early 2011. Whatever you think about Apple and its methods, the iPhone is undeniably huge. Still, Apple had to step out from its exclusive AT&T contract because of top flight competition [...]


Obama and the Internet

Although much of the media attention Barack Obama is receiving now is focused on his governance and Health Care, it’s important for other politicians and businesses alike to keep in mind the paradigm shift of the Obama election. Obama transformed campaigning and politics through his use of the Internet as a campaign tool. He did [...]


Get Google Voice For Your iPhone – GV Mobile on Cydia

Although Apple has once again bowed to AT&T corporate pressure and banned Google Voice and all related apps from the App Store, you can still harness the power of Google Voice for your iPhone.

Go to Cydia – a kind of “grey” app store for iPhone – and get GV Mobile. It’s free on Cydia, and it optimizes Google Voice for the iPhone. This is where I picked up my version of GV Mobile, and I’m loving Google Voice. It’s a powerful communication tool that takes advantage of the power of a smart phone.


Comparing Umbraco and DotNetNuke

So if you are going for an open source Content Management System (CMS), which should you choose: DotNetNuke (DNN) or Umbraco.

Both have the advantage of being open source programs, which means they are constantly updated and improved. There are many plugins and applications created by a core of invested users, increasing functionality and removing bugs with regularity.

Still, there are plenty of differences, as anyone who has used both systems will note.


Small Businesses and the Economic Crisis

The current economic crisis can be a frightening time for any business, but is particularly stressful for small businesses. There is a great deal of uncertainty and many questions – can we attract any new customers? Is anyone going to be able to afford my product? Will our business survive?

Just remember that every other business and individual is also feeling the pinch. They want to find the right items to fill their needs without wasting money or time on irrelevant or non-vital products or services.


Every Cloud… Search Industry Opportunities Caused By Credit Crunch

At the moment doom and gloom seems to surround the economy, whether or not search marketing budgets are going to fall remains to be seen though.
photo credit: Reenie-Just Reenie
We’ve had a few clients get more pragmatic with their spend; but generally it doesn’t seem as bad as everyone feared. Though that could easily change.
But [...]


How to Choose the Right SEO Vendor: Responding to Rand

Rand Fishkin of SEOMoz fame just wrote How to Choose The Right SEO Vendor. It’s solid, but I’m going to take advantage of my additional age experience and point out a few issues:

“Start with your Goals”

Absolutely. If you know what your goals are. If not, I suggest that this is a great opportunity to evaluate your potential SEO vendor. If they say something like ‘get a high ranking’ show them out.

If they say ‘increase sales’ or ‘improve visit quality’ or ‘increase non-branded search traffic’, say ‘hmmmm’, furrow your brow, and put them on your short list. They’re a keeper.

“Connect with your Social Network”

Yup. No arguments at all. Just remember your ‘social network’ includes some unique devices: The phone and face-to-face meetings.

“Get Advice from SEO-savvy People You Trust”

Again, no argument.

But make sure ‘SEO-savvy’ means ‘knows about SEO’ and not ‘Read an article in an airline magazine and now understands how important the keywords meta tag really is’.

“Ask for a List of Past Success Stories (not just clients)”

Bingo. This is the key. Listen not just to the success stories, but how the SEO discusses them.

Do they talk about advice and strategy? Good.

Do they talk about tricks and sneakery? Bad.

“Talk on the Phone or (if possible) Get Together”

A must. Do not hire an SEO until you’ve spoken to them.

SEO is like any other marketing. Chemistry matters.

“Present a Few Initial Issues Over Email”

I’m ambivalent about this one. You probably don’t know what the real issues are.

Instead, ask the potential SEO vendors what they’d fix.


I agree with Rand. References are worthless. You think I’m going to refer you to people who hate me?

“Get an Informal Proposal from your top 2-3 Vendors”

Again, no arguments. Especially on the price. You get what you pay for. Don’t forget it. You want to make $500,000 on your web site? You’d damned well better be willing to spend more than $15,000.

“Have Smart, Sensible People to Review the Contract”

Hmmm. Put a contract in front of the smartest, most sensible people and they start acting like George Bush at a press conference.

Try it if you want, but remember: This is your decision. Look out for contracts that:

  • Lock you in for a year with no termination clause.
  • Let the vendor retain ownership of keywords and/or content.
  • Make sure they include some basic deliverables and a timeline.
  • Please, god, don’t get a lawyer to review it unless you really have to. I guarantee weeks of haggling. And the most airtight contract won’t prevent the vendor from flipping you the bird. It’s about finding people you can trust.

“Go With Your Gut”

Amen. Obey this above all else.