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Search Advertising with the new Microsoft adCenter

With the launch of the popular web service AdWords from Google Inc, it seemed that Google had monopolized the online advertisement management scenario on the internet. However, arch rival Microsoft was not the one to be left behind. Microsoft has recently launched the adCenter service, with similar features to those of Google AdWords and have [...]


Google AdWords

A business can only meet success when its products or services on sale meet their necessary marketing or advertisement. Now, when someone talks about advertising their product/service online, nothing can be more appropriate than AdWords.

AdWords was launched by Google in the year 2000 and by 2007 it was their main source of revenue. Initially an advertiser had to pay a monthly amount for advertising their product/service, but later in order to make room for small businesses and advertisers who wanted to manage their own promotion; Google launched the AdWords self-service portal. Google’s AdWords aim has been to provide the most efficient advertising to businesses irrespective of their size.