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Sitecore – Display number of items in a folder

Problem: When working with folders, I often find it frustrating that I can’t see the number of items in that folder.  If there are a few, you can count, but if there are many it becomes a problem.  If there is a parent folder, it is as simple as looking into the parent folder to [...]


Rich Internet Applications

Rich Internet Applications, a well-acquainted term to most of us these days, was coined in the year 2002 by Macromedia. At first Microsoft called it, Remote Scripting and later Forrester Research named it as X Internet in the years 1998 and 2000 respectively.

In spite of such changing terminologies, the basic domain of Rich Internet Applications remains the same over the years. The changes that Rich Internet Applications brought in today’s web world is significant. It has almost abolished the traditional web applications that revolved all its activities in and around a client-server design with a thin client. With slow but continuous evolution of internet standards, it has become a tough job to delineate what exactly constitutes in a Rich Internet Applications and what does not. However, there is one common characteristic shared by all the Rich Internet Applications and that is all of them introduce a middle layer of code, also known as a client engine, connecting the server and the user.



Let’s get lost!

Thanks to the Google Maps. Satellite based imagery and point to point detailing of terrains as well as route planning, that is what Google Maps is all about.

Imagine you go on a hiking trip, you are not sure of the terrain and you wish to explore. Google Maps shows you the terrain and plans the route. It is a free Web mapping service application from Google that powers numerous map-based services.

Google created Google Maps API to help the developers in integrating Google Maps into their own web sites with their data points. Developers just need to apply for an API key from Google, which is bound to the web site and directory given whilst creating the key. If you want to create your own web page you need to include Google Javascript into your web page. The Javascript functions add points into your Mapping application.


jQuery vs. MooTools

JQuery was developed by John Resig at BarCamp NYC and was released on January 2006. It is a lightweight JavaScript library that assists in the rapid development of powerful client side scripts. Interaction of JavaScript with the underlying DOM (HTML) of the web page and its associated CSS in a more procedural manner is basically what JQuery has to offer.

JQuery is dual licensed under the GNU General Public License and the MIT License and is hence, free and open source. This allows you to either manipulate the source or implement its range of functions in your scripts for free.