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SEO, Is It All About Links? Not Anymore

With so many new algorithms being adjusted, modified or replaced altogether, between the cached version of the SERPs (search engine result pages) and the actual index there are obvious discrepancies
leaving their mark on the web.

The New Search Engine Moderator – Indexing and De-indexing
Before you can rank competitively, achieving the proper balance between your on page [...]SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: “SEO, Is It All About Links? Not Anymore”, url: “” });


Google’s new Quality Score Improvements Analysed

In case you haven’t read it yet, Google is now unleashing some new improvements to its Quality Score. News from Google about changes to their algorithms or the way they rank and charge PPC ads usually creates a tidal wave of blog posts, comments and outbursts from the community that uses AdWords on a daily basis. I therefore thought I’d analyse this new development and share thoughts & case studies with our readers.

Google announced:


Looking for the Human Element in Enterprise Search

George Orwell didn’t specifically mention enterprise search in his visionary book 1984, but he made a statement that still resonates today. When it comes to relevant search query results, “it’s not about the statistics.” Sanity comes from the human element. Until recently, this concept was mostly ignored by enterprise search solutions.


What Happens When Search Engines Update the Indexing Process?

Just wanted to pose an interesting question? What happens when search engines change their relevance model?, (change happens). When you consider SEO and search engine relevance, what matters most is getting in the search index and maintaining an upward trajectory. So, before you hit the panic button when your sites rankings take on a new [...]