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How To Utilize Social Media in Health Insurance

So you work at a health insurance company or in a related business, and you have decided to take the plunge into social media, despite the significant obstacles. So how do you create a program that is engaging, yet complies with regulations? Jason Falls of Social Media Explorer gives some relevant tips that are useful [...]


Attention Economy

The internet has transformed into a superfluous repository of information in the present era. Consequently, this information overload is causing a deficit or a scarcity of attention. Now if you are not quite familiar with the usage of the word “attention” in the context of this discussion, it simply refers to consumption of information.
Herbert Simon has quite elegantly pointed out that, “A wealth of information creates a poverty of attention.” Thus, a need arises out of obvious causes to mine and efficiently allocate this information to its intended audience.

Attention and Economy may be two diverse terms but in the modern times is naturally amalgamating, with one becoming highly interdependent on the other. Let us consider an example to show you exactly how attention affects economy.


How Social Media Can Help Your PR Efforts

The emergence of social media has been a game-changer for newspapers and magazines. On the one hand, they have seen their print numbers continue to drop as more and more people turn to the internet to get their news and information. On the other hand, they (the smart ones) have seen that by embracing social media and leveraging the different opportunities it offers, they can drive more traffic to their sites, engage in open dialogues and react quicker. So what does this mean for you? More opportunities than ever for you to build relationships and get publicity. Here are a few things to keep in mind when trying to leverage social media for PR purposes — and that’s PR as in public relations, not PageRank!

Start Small

Many times when people think about getting publicity for their business, their wishlist goes something like this:


Top 6 ways to increase traffic to your website

With the recent increase in internet usage and more recently in internet access via mobile devices, online marketing is becoming increasingly important to the success of any business today no matter how small or large.
Online marketing has evolved in recent years. The rise in the popularity of social networking phenomena and the resulting rise of [...]


How can a Web Design Company help a business maximise the internets potential

The importance of web design has increased manifold in recent years. Today it is essential for all businesses small or large, local or international to have a professional web site presence for their company.
As the popularity of the internet is sky rocketing web design companies are in high demand. More and more businesses are investing [...]


10 Coolest Strategies To Increase Blog Reach

Blogging is not only publishing the content and sharing over the media. It should be an strategy to build blog readers, links for your blog and authority of blog and establishing a brand name. In the last post Manish has described 10 newest ways to increase blog traffic. Which are really helpful for any blog [...]