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There are a superfluity of tools and utilities on the internet that you can utilize to rapidly develop your web application. Whether you want to deploy your own personal home page or a website for your organization or simply any web app, these tools not only assist you to quickly learn the tricks of the trade, but also help in rapid and powerful client side code development.

One such tool that we will be discussing here is MooTools. MooTools is an open source, compact and modular object oriented framework that has been built around the JavaScript platform and can be implemented in client side scripting for web applications. Cross browser compatibility is supported, which saves you the hassle to re-write sections of code in your web app for different browsers, in order to handle browser compatibility issues. Moreover you can even use many of the built-in functions in MooTools to perform manipulation of CSS thereby changing the layouts of your web page on the fly. MooTools has been released under the MIT license, which is open source and this gives you the freedom to use it and modify it in every aspect.