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Wagging the Long-Tailed Dog: Search Behavior & The Economy

As the head of a search agency, I admit that I was somewhat bemused at first by this whole financial crisis we’re having. Don’t get me wrong; I don’t like seeing people suffer, and it hurts to see the impact that a slowing economy is having on many of my friends and neighbors. But as a longtime critic of traditional media and promoter of Search, I couldn’t resist feeling a little smug knowing that traditional ad budgets were about to be cut and the move to online media accelerated as advertisers started focusing more heavily on ROI. Given that Search accounts for almost half of online media spending, that trend would be a good thing for Search and, selfishly, my company – right…? The big picture search trends aren’t going to change dramatically. More people will continue to search more often no matter what, so what could possibly go wrong?


Moving Away from SEO Link Building

Link Week

My last two Link Week columns have touched on communication between link builder and client. In Link Development Realities Versus What We Tell Our Clients I discussed how, as strategists and link builders, part of what we do involves a degree of selection of tactic, and what to do when confronted with clients who are using tactics and investing budgets for link building services that have no value, but the client doesn’t know it.

Then in What If It Isn’t Linkworthy?, I focused on the uncomfortable client scenario where a client has worked hard to create content they feel is linkworthy, but you, as the person who has to go get those links, don’t agree. In this next installment, let’s discuss the client who views link building as a purely SEO function, that is, they are interested in adding or creating content just to appeal to search engines.

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