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What Does it Take to Create Amazing SEO Results?

Although the definition of amazing is unique to each individual, we know that getting quality traffic from SEO results is half the battle, yet once consumers reach your site, that traffic still must convert.

Search engines deliver pre-qualified traffic based on the premise that anxious consumers are already searching for products and services. However, depending on their needs and objectives, the urgency of the situation and the appeal/solution presented from your pages, each facet must create the perfect synergy to yield a successful return on investment.

It is easy to get tunnel vision and overlook the basic needs of your preferred audience or rely on one marketing method instead of diversifying your approach. Fortunately websites are scalable as well as content and design are pliable to accommodate change.

Below are three primary factors that search engines reward with links to articles that provide more depth about the topic. In summary, by successfully managing chronology, topical relevance and search engine trust your web pages will always hit their mark in the top 10 and rise to the top.


Keyword Exercises for SEO

Don’t be fooled by people trying to tell you that tracking SEO metrics based on keywords and keyword performance is obsolete. Keywords and the traffic they produce are alive and well and depending on the position (above the fold or below the fold) and the percentage of traffic they receive is tangible to assess conversion and performance benchmarks.

Over 80% of consumers hot on the trail of a product or service have a higher propensity of clicking the top 3 search results when presented with the top 10 websites for their query. If a user has to scroll below the fold the click through numbers taper down to the remaining percentages.

However, depending on factors such as:

1) the competition for the phrase

2) the relevance to the searchers intent and

3) the emotional click-triggers from the snippet/description in the search result (and how sticky it is) impact who gets the click.

Obviously, the more keywords that encroach on a topic, the higher percentage for conversion you have from those topics, when each of the pages becomes buoyant after gaining some authority in search engines (typically 2-4 months).


Targeting Keywords Within Your Reach

There is something to be said about targeting terms and keywords that are within your reach. Not that wishful thinking does not have its place, but before you embark on a year long keyword conquest, make sure you understand what it takes to land a top 10 result (and maintain it) for a competitive [...]SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: “Targeting Keywords Within Your Reach”, url: “” });