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Are Personalized Results The Future of Search and Social Media?

It is no secret that nearly 70% of all estimated searches are conducted using Google, but what happens when everything changes and new systems are introduced that impact and alter the way we search?

With changes to organic search engine algorithms being rolled-out in record numbers, the way we surf and browse the web being influenced [...]SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: “Are Personalized Results The Future of Search and Social Media?”, url: “” });


What Happens When Search Engines Update the Indexing Process?

Just wanted to pose an interesting question? What happens when search engines change their relevance model?, (change happens). When you consider SEO and search engine relevance, what matters most is getting in the search index and maintaining an upward trajectory. So, before you hit the panic button when your sites rankings take on a new [...]


SEO is Not The Only Solution

Search engine optimization is not the only solution, SEO, like a tool, serves a very specific purpose and function, which is to increase exposure for your website. However, just because you gain exposure and drive traffic to a page or a website, does not ensure success alone.

Factors such as usability (navigation, image placement, font selection, [...]


Are SEO tools any use?

I have to admit to being a bit of an SEO tool junkie. I must have tried hundreds including the treasure trove at Aaron Wall’s SEO tools. My bookmarks are groaning. Not to mention my Firefox browser SEO plugins.. Consequently I am awash with information which measures every conceivable metric. I have also added to [...]