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Sitecore Lucene Search Index

Sitecore has been using Lucene search since version 5, which used the Sitecore.Data.Indexing namespace and Sitecore -> Indexes section in the Web.Config. Starting in Sitecore 6.4, they introduced a new Search namespace – Sitecore.Search, this uses the Sitecore -> Search -> Configuration -> Indexes section in Web.Config. From what I know, Sitecore recommends using the [...]


Business Promise Trumps Privacy Concerns for Facebook Places

While some “mature” consumers may question the appeal of Facebook’s Places application – the program that allows a user to “check in” and let friends or others know where they are at any given time – savvy marketers see the application as a great way to reach a highly desirable demographic. Places largely appeals to [...]


Hating on Apple? Take a number.

While there are a variety of reasons folks hate Apple, many of the most often repeated reasons boil down to two general problems: 1) Hypocrisy and 2) Draconian, closed methods. Let’s take a little gander at these two general categories and see why Apple is so well described by these titles. Apple’s hypocrisy takes a [...]


Obama and the Internet

Although much of the media attention Barack Obama is receiving now is focused on his governance and Health Care, it’s important for other politicians and businesses alike to keep in mind the paradigm shift of the Obama election. Obama transformed campaigning and politics through his use of the Internet as a campaign tool. He did [...]


Link Building for Big Old Sites

I love big sites. They are like sprawling mansions in a state of renewal and dilapidation at the same time. New kitchen, old bath. Sub-zero inside, rotten wood outside.

The longer a site has been around, and the bigger that site is, the more likely it is that site will have already attracted hundreds if not thousands of links. Many of these existing links will have come about without anyone actively pursuing them. For example, I’ll bet Coca Cola’s web site has a section for employment, and I’ll bet that employment section and the pages within it are deep linked to by other sites. I’ll further bet that Coca Cola likely does not know how many other sites are linking to their employment section pages, nor have they checked.

Many large scale corporate sites have multiple content sections (AKA silos) with different personnel responsible for them. Over the years, these sites often go through several staff changes, teams, agencies, etc., and end up with an enormous amount of inbound link equity.


Whither DART Search?

Paid Search - A Column From Search Engine Land

SES San Jose 2008 is now in the books and another Google Dance — that annual bash that provides us all with so much safe, clean YouTube fodder — has come and gone. Among the various features and benefits — upscale backyard barbecue fare, free beer, modified karaoke, dancing, and light shows — is the most fascinating spectacle of all: Googlers meeting other Googlers. (Oftentimes, I ran across Googlers just sticking with their own little clique and talking among themselves, but what do you expect… it’s a “campus”.)

Google is such an enormous entity by now that it carries a real risk of the right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing. Overall, though, the company does a pretty good job of keeping its initiatives in sync.

But if Googlers are always needing to meet other Googlers for the first time, imagine the effort of digesting a large company in the digital ad space whose founding predated Google’s by two years, and which brings to the table a variety of legacy technologies and platforms along with its own corporate culture. Googlers, meet DoubleClickers!

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