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Why I Hate Social Bookmarklets & Proof They Don’t Work

The social media bookmarklet has become a de-facto element in most new website designs. And while I love social media and think it can have some huge benefits for websites; I think including social bookmarklets like AddThis to a new web build default is at best lazy-ness and at worse symptomatic of a complete miss-understanding [...]


Forming Good Title Tags for Local Businesses

Locals Only - A Column From Search Engine Land

If you’re looking for a quick improvement in your local business site’s rankings and don’t have a lot of time, you can’t go wrong with making some simple improvements to your homepage title tag. The text within the title tags is one of the top signals used by Google, Yahoo! and other search engines to decide what keywords are relevant to a page, and it’s also one of the most frequently neglected parts of a site design. If you have a good title tag, you can rank at the top of the search results for users seeking your business — and a bad title can leave you in the dark.

Below are a few details on how to make better titles and get your pages to rank higher.

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Top 6 ways to increase traffic to your website

With the recent increase in internet usage and more recently in internet access via mobile devices, online marketing is becoming increasingly important to the success of any business today no matter how small or large.
Online marketing has evolved in recent years. The rise in the popularity of social networking phenomena and the resulting rise of [...]


The optician that guarantees visibility!!!

It is never good to just exist. Getting known is part of the desire of every human mind. When it comes to the Internet, you have to be known in order to even exist! Search Engine Optimization is a process by which you are able to improve the number of visits to your site and [...]


Yahoo Buzz Opens Doors To Everyone

Buzz, Yahoo’s Digg-like effort to leverage reader gestures and third party content in determining the most popular news, removes it’s barriers to entry tonight.
Until now only a hundred or so invited publishers could post news to Buzz. This was a big plug – Yahoo pushes a few Yahoo Buzz stories to their home page [...]


Yahoo And Google Now Let You Opt Out Of Ads (Because It’s Better Than Letting You Opt In)

All of a sudden, Yahoo and Google want to make it easy for you to opt out of their ad targeting on both their sites and across the Web. Yahoo announced a new one-click opt-out policy today, and Google made it possible to opt out of both Google and Doubleclick ad targeting with one [...]


Five Search Queries to Find Sponsorship Link Opportunities

And regardless of the fact that they are paid, Google doesn’t seem to mind them so long as they are on-topic and coming from a reputable website. As the title suggests, this “link buy” comes in the form of sponsoring an event or website. The trick is to find sponsorship opportunities that are in your corner of the web (read: on-topic).